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Since the onset of the modern-day UFO waves, countless people have been hooked by these, as of yet, unexplainable phenomena.

First-hand accounts by credible witnesses suggest an intervention by something that cannot exist, at least according to our current scientific understanding. But all the efforts to deny and debunk the plethora of cases do not stop them from happening.

Pilots, military personnel to the highest ranks, scientists, journalists, even politicians have devoted a lot of work, sometimes even their professional lives to UAP’s.

The UFO Shop is all about making the major cases better known by depicting them in a manner that is not only stylish, but also educative.

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The phenomenon exists and has to be treated seriously. Help raise awareness with The UFO Shop products and support the open discourse, that is long overdue.

To this day, the topic is met with ridicule. If you belong to those who went down the rabbit hole, you are well aware that this kind of response isn’t something that came naturally.

The trivialized “little green men & flying saucers” narrative was elaborately constructed by (mainly U.S.) intelligence for very pragmatic reasons. The obvious one was to prevent people from flooding the official authorities with too many questions and forcing them to bind resources that they needed otherwise during the Cold War. This was yesterday though.

The façade is crumbling faster than ever now: former government officials talk openly about what is going on behind the scenes. Mainstream media is not afraid to feature the topic anymore and is doing so frequently, and even the Pentagon has confirmed the authenticity of numerous UFO videos.

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